More than 34 years after her death from an accidental overdose, Brazilians still can’t get enough of Elis Regina, considered by many the country’s all-time greatest singer.

The film “Elis”, launched recently in Brazil, is arousing great curiosity and acclamation of the public. The film tells the story of the singer Elis Regina from her arrival in Rio de Janeiro at 19 years of age until her tragic and early death. Despite all the difficulties, success comes fast and the life of Elis Regina gained national and international recognition. She was a young woman of humble beginnings and became one of the best singers in Brazil.

In the cast is Andréia Horta interpreting Elis. Best known for her teleno-vela work, she took voice lessons and got her hair cropped for the role. Also in the cast are: Lucio Mauro Filho, as Mié-le; Caco Ciocler, as Cesar Camargo Ma-riano; Julio Andrade, as dzi croquette Lennie Dale; Gustavo Machado, as Ronal-do Bôscoli, and Zécarlos Axe, as Romeo, the father of Elis. In special appearances, are Rodrigo Pandolfo, as Nelson Motta; Isabel Wilker, as Nara Leão; and Icaro Silva, as Jair Rodrigues.

The film is directed by Hugo Prata and won three “Kikitos” on the 44th Gramado Festival – Best Film by popular jury, Best Actress for Andréia Horta, and Best Costume Design for James Feliciano.

The movie debuted in the US at the Chicago film festival in October of last year. There are no indications of when it is going to be launched in the American commercial circuit.