From November 9-12th 2017, those who appreciate the genuine sound of Brazilian instrumental music will have the opportunity to enjoy the 3rd Annual “International Choro Festival” in the City of New York. The Brazilian Music Foundation (BMF), in partnership with Asuos Produc-tions, will present the III Annual International Choro Festival (ChoroFest), with a variety of interesting performances.

The Festival collaborators aim to involve different cultures in an exchange of artistic talents between the U.S. and Brazil. The Festival will pay tribute to Chiquinha Gonzaga, one of the most important feminine figures of Brazilian popular music of all time. And since in Brazil “everything ends in Samba”, it will celebrate 100 Years of Samba as well. Chiquinha Gonzaga was the first pianist of “choro” and the most important feminine figure of Brazilian popular music of all time, she was an independent woman in times of extreme prejudice and earned her money with her own music. Her songs had enormous success, yielding an international career and songs still commonly used.

The Festival aims to promote and pre-serve the “Choro” – the oldest Brazilian musical style and part of Brazil’s rich instrumental music tradition since the nineteenth century in all regions of the country. The festival brings together local and Brazilian musicians presenting traditional Choro and new compositions.

The festival will be opening Latin American Week (LACW) November 10th – 8pm at Baruch Performing Arts Center. Since 2006, Pamar presents the annual Latin American Culture Week with the aim of bringing to the general public the richness and diversity of the various Latin American cultures.

“Classical Meets Popular”

The highlight this year is the presentation of the BMF String Orchestra which will play compositions by Wagner Tiso (pianist/composer/conductor) and Alberto Rosenblit (pianist/composer), who is performing at the Festival. The Sexteto Gaúcho group, from Porto Alegre, Brazil (photo) and special guests from the Netherlands and Switzerland will be playing the popular classic Choro and new compositions.

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