I wake up in the morning and look out the window

The sun is bright and it feels just right

As winter waxes and wanes

Spring flowers blossom on Central Park

I grab my cup of coffee

It tastes like Brazil and smells like NY

I dress in a light blue jacket and run to my doctor’s appointment

As I get outside of my building the cold wind chills my bones

I should have brought my winter’s coat

It looks like a warm day

And feels like the winter is never gone

At the doctor’s office, people wait

Each one in their own world

I wish I could leave

But I am wounded so I have to stay

The Doctor is late and I wonder if I can run away

As there is nowhere to go I sit and wait

My afternoon is filled with a bagel, lox, and cream cheese

A coffee on the go

The taste brings together my European heritage, the American teen months spent in NY and the Brazilian strong flavors

I walk back home feeling uneasy

There is work to do and I miss the sun

My phone doesn’t stop ringing

There is a food delivery

I hear the sirens and the honking of the cars

I get ready to leave and meet my date

High heels won’t do much on NYC streets

I go for the sneaker and black sets the tone

It’s a fancy restaurant and we meet halfway

A driver in a black car opens the door for their celebrity passengers

The celebrity chef greets us by the door

I remember what brought us to that place

A distant celebration

A 20-year anniversary that wasn’t cele- brated on the date

We sit outside in cozy tents

A trend brought by us by the Co- vid pandemic

We order our food and under our feet, the earth quakes

The subway just passed, oh, right French food is delicious, the wine is right

The check comes sour, always so high

We head back home

Syrens lead our way

Homeless people lie down

5th Avenue is now empty

Except for the people getting ready for bed on the streets

It feels cold and I miss Brazil

I miss the nice weather and the warm people

The parties and the flavors

The colors and the music

But what I miss does not exist anymore

The colors have faded, the streets no longer welcoming

Perhaps it’s the pandemic or change or time gone by

Maybe I’ve changed too

My past and present have become a fine line

The flavors blending, the memories mixing

And here I am a Brazilian walking on the streets of NY

Such a cosmopolitan city, New York

Bringing together spices from all over the world

As I walk my way home Uptown

I step into my future, never forgetting where I came from



Ilana Lipsztein é jornalista, empresária, carioca e mora em Nova York há 20 anos com seus 2 filhos e o marido Roberto. Este ano ela lançou The Wip Factory, em parceria com a empresa EntendeuMedia.com (Simone Goldstein), aonde oferece serviços de consultoria e marketing para mulheres empreendedoras.

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