apArt Private Gallery opened doors in New York City with the first ever Solo Art Exhibition “Terebintina”, by Brazilian artist Marcello Serpa on October 5, 2017, at Upper East Side Manhattan.

apArt is a private space where, through scheduled appointments, guests are able to appreciate, purchase or rent fine art as well as meet and engage in conversation with the emerging artists and designers exhibited at apArt.

Founded in São Paulo, Brazil, by Thais Marin and her husband, the Artist Leo Macias, apArt is inspired by German collector Christian Boros’ initiative to transform a Berlin bunker into an art gallery, where he also lived. The great experience provided by apArt is its ability to enable art and its creator to come into contact with those who appreciate it.

With the focus on trendsetting, apArt Private Gallery host artists from all over the world who are able to live-in a creative environment and be inspired to develop their work, which later would be displayed in an exhibition. Additionally, apArt focuses on non-art collectors educating them on how they can buy art and essentially become collectors.

“The foundation in which we built in São Paulo and Colombia is so innovative and bold that we could not be more excited to bring this to New York”. Thais M-rin, Co-Founder of apArt Private Gallery.

The private Upper East Side space features over 4000 square feet of event space and will hold the first solo exhibition by Brazilian artist Marcello Serpa to December 5th, 2017.

“apArt’s purpose is to connect creators and appreciators where they can meet and spend time with the artists. An interesting aspect of apArt’s gallery is to show there is the option to rent affordable, fine works of art and design.” Maria Inês Moraes, Partner in apArt Private Gallery NY.

The exhibition is “Invite Only”, so the public can schedule visits by emailing apart@apartprivategallery.com.

For more information on apArt please visit www.apArtprivategallery.com.

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