Twenty-three years after his death, F1 driver Ayrton Senna is still one of the strongest brands in sport. A foundation set up in his name is making a difference to school children in his home country of Brazil.

The Ayrton Senna Foundation was founded by Senna’s sister, Viviane Senna. Before Senna left to Europe in 1994, he told that he wanted to do something for his country to help the children in Brazil. He had already created the Institute Senninha, but he felt that it wasn’t enough. After his death, Vivianne decided to continue with Senna’s dream, and therefore created the Senna Foundation, which survive on the profits made by Senninha and the brand “Senna”.

The system of the Foundation is quite simple; if the children go to school, they can practice sports, learn to use a computer, and do other extra class activities for free. It is a success. More than 50,000 children are supported by the Foundation.

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