The Secretary of Telecommunications of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications, André Borges, took part in discussions on the study ‘Inclusive Internet Index’, in Barcelona, Spain.

A study, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, put Brazil in first position in the inclusive internet ranking among Latin American countries and in 18th in relation to the rest of the world.

Brazil reached 78 points, ahead of Chile (77.6), Argentina (76.2), Colombia (71.9) and Peru (66.3). In total, 75 countries from the five continents were analysed, representing 90% of the population and 90% of global GDP.

The index takes into account criteria such as connection availability and quality; price and competitiveness; content relevance; and readiness, such as policies and security.

According to the study, Brazil is in front of several developed countries in criteria like content relevance (84.3 points) and affordable prices (92.3), ahead of countries like Japan (91.2), Germany (89.1) and the Netherlands (84.3). The criteria in which Brazil scored the least was readiness and availability.

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