Obrigado Premium 100 Percent Pure Coconut Water announced its partnership with pro beach volleyball player Brooke Sweat. She and her former partner Lauren Fendrick, who also has a partnership with Obrigado, competed on the U.S. team at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Obrigado premium 100 percent pure coconut water is coconut water in its purest state. The company is committed to providing quality coconut water while respecting the environment, combining advanced processes and sustainable practices from tree to bottle. Obrigado is sourced from young, green coconuts grown in the Northeast region of Brazil, including its own farms in the state of Bahia where each tree has a unique bar code for traceability and quality. Obrigado is brought to the U.S. by Aurantiaca USA LLC, an affiliate of Grupo Aurantiaca LLC.

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with pro beach volleyball,” said Diane Roy, president and general manager of Aurantiaca USA LLC“. Coconut water is an ideal beverage for those who want to refresh and replenish and who better to demonstrate that than athletes who are competing in often extreme conditions. We think this is a great fit for Obrigado and will be beneficial to both us and the athletes.”

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