True to its mission, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) is bringing awareness about the country’s industries, artists, and entrepreneurs. Partnerships with some of the world’s most important media groups resulted in a series of campaigns showcasing what Brazil can offer to the world.

One of these initiatives is the B2B (Blogger to Blogger) campaign, broadcasted on CNN. B2B highlights some of Brazil’s foremost consumer industries with a footing on the world stage, such as coffee, fashion, gaming and meat. In the videos, a blogger from another continent visits a Brazilian blogger who works with the same topic. Through the visiting blogger, international audiences can gain an understanding of Brazil’s vibrant offerings across diverse sectors.

More than 1 million people have interacted with the campaign.

For Brazilian industries, the spotlight is an added bonus. As well as being able to see their place within the Brazilian industry, they can see how they fit into international trends. Meanwhile, the world is able to see Brazil’s unique contributions to certain industries, generating more interest for businesses in these sectors.

In addition to the B2B initiative, Vice Brasil and Apex-Brasil are promoting the Fresh Made Brseries to bring the best of Brazil’s newest artists direct to viewers and readers. One of the artistic movements highlighted by Vice is the ‘Hacked City’ project, taking place in São Paulo. Melting innovation and creativity, Brazilians are calling attention to the influence that every single resident can have on their urban environments.

The project comes from Guto Requena. An architect by training, Requena has created a piece that can reflect the soundscape back to the Rebouças Avenue to its commuters in LED-light form. Aided by

microphones, a weather station and 200 LED bulbs, Requena’s ‘Creature of Light’, splayed across the front of the WZ Hotel Jardins, changes color based on what it hears around it.

Across the pond, BBC has also teamed up with Apex-Brasil and Be Brasil to highlight Brazil’s unparalleled potential in terms of sustainability and creativeness. The series Brazil: Where else? puts forward examples of sustainable and innovative solutions created by Brazilian companies and individuals. In four videos, each just a little over three minutes, the campaign shows how Brazil is contributing to global efforts to tackle tomorrow’s issues today.

The videos focus on four main fields: gastronomy, agribusiness, biotechnology, and energy – areas in which Brazil has proven itself time and time again to be a point of reference for the rest of the world.

Source: Apex-Brasil

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