Fernando de Andrade used to be homeless, living on the streets of the world’s eighth biggest city, São Paulo in Brazil. He took part in Race to the Rock, riding his bike over 3,000km from Albany in Western Australia to Uluru in the Northern Territory, to raise funds to help young people living on the streets in Brazil, homeless just like he used to be.

Fernando’s journey from the streets of São Paulo to his new life in Australia has been a long one, steeped in struggle and sacrifice. He used his creative talent to make jewelry from things he found on the street; his only income was from the sale of these pieces. The kindness of strangers who recognized his talent, gave him hope. He found love and followed his heart to a new country and a new life.

The rest is history. This softly spoken young man who has established a thriving jewelry business in Australia, and lives the life that many only dream of, has never forgotten his humble beginnings. He has overcome so many challenges, none so great as surviving on the streets of São Paulo. In an effort to ensure that other young people living on the streets in Brazil, know that there is hope, that people care and are prepared to reach out with the hand of friendship; he took on one more challenge; a 3000km bike ride through some of the harshest conditions in Australia to raise awareness of the plight of these young people in Brazil, and to raise money to help make their life a little easier.

Presidential Productions has joined Fernando in producing a documentary about his journey called Fernando’s Ride. The documentary tells not only his story, but followed his ride.

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