Located in the South of Bahia, Cairu is an archipelago municipality formed by several islands, such as the island of Tinharé, which houses the famous village of Morro de São Paulo, and the Boipeba and Cairu Islands.

Cairu was one of the most important villages of Colonial Brazil and nowadays offers a variety of beautiful scenery, typical cuisine, and buildings dating from the 16th century. In its historical center, it is possible to walk around Praça da Matriz, be impressed by the mansions and multistory houses and rejoice in the beauty of the baroque Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Rosário church and Santo Antônio Convent.

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The most popular attraction in the city is the Morro de São Paulo village, famous for paradisiacal beaches with warm waters and countless options of parties and bars at night. To enter Morro de São Paulo, it is necessary to pay a fee, and cars are not allowed.

Morro de São Paulo has an extensive stretch of sand that is home to the main beaches: Primeira, Segunda, Terceira, Quarta and Quinta Praia.

Primeira Praia is the one closest to the village of Morro de São Paulo and the one most frequented by the natives. Segunda Praia is the most famous one and has excellent infrastructure for restaurants and bars, in addition to evening activities. It is from Terceira Praia that tour boats depart and it is also there where it is possible to dive with a snorkel to see fish and coral. Quarta Praia and Quinta Praia are more remote and perfect for those looking for tranquility. You can also visit the tranquil and peaceful Island of Boipeba.

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