Caldas Novas is located in the south of the State of Goiás, and is part of the largest hydrothermal park in the world! Crystal clear water emerges from the ground at temperatures approaching 60°C. The thermal water is considered therapeutic, attracting around a million visitors each year. The city has the largest hotel industry in the Brazilian Midwest region, and many hotels have their own water parks, but the region also offers spas that open to the public.

An interesting fact: its warm water comes from the rains that, after being absorbed by the cracks in the rocks, reach depths greater than 1000 m. After heating, the water comes back to the surface through a system of fractures (fissures on the rocks).

The Corumbá Lake, which supplies the Corumbá I power station, is another interesting attraction. Through its 65 square kilometers, you can take speedboat, boat and jetski

Photo: shutterstock-Judson-Castro

rides, passing by the waterfalls and bars that extend along the shore. Sport fishing is another attraction, including its periodic competitions.

The Parque Estadual da Serra de Caldas Novas (Caldas Novas Mountain Range State Park)offers two trails (Cascatinha and Paredão), giving access to waterfalls and lookouts, where you can see the beauties of the fauna and flora of the Cerrado (known as the Brazilian savanna), with a peak altitude of 1.043 m. The walks must be accompanied by guides and take bet-ween 90 minutes an two and a half hours.

Enjoy your visit to try the delicacies from Goiás, such as ”iguarias goianas”, the favorite typical dish in which descaled fish is well seasoned, taken to the clay oven and then roasted on a tile. Pequi, a typical fruitof the Cerrado, is widely used in the local cuisine.

Also visit Rio Quente, 30 km away from Caldas Novas. Were you will find the largest warm water river on the planet, its 12 km long.


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