In the rapidly developing global gig economy, where long-term economic relationships are being replaced with short-term “gigs”, car sharing (vs. car ownership) is becoming a very popular option. While personal mobility is as important as ever, actually owning a car looks increasingly like it’s not. In major urban centers, the growth in ride-hailing, ride-sharing and carsharing services is at the center of a significant shift in car ownership trends, reversing what until 2010 was showing steady increases in ownership levels. With this change in behavior comes both major advances in the consumer experience and new concerns for personal safety.

Given this scenario, FaceTec and Turbi have partnered to deliver a secure and frictionless carsharing experience to one of the world’s most dynamic markets. Turbi, a fast-growing, highly-regarded carsharing service headquartered in São Paulo, has integrated ZoOm 3D Face Login by FaceTec into their popular mobile app that already boasts more than 100,000 downloads. With ZoOm, Turbi customers use their faces to conveniently unlock the door of an available car. And through a simple selfie-style interface, unlocking the car happens in just one-to-two seconds.

“Turbi’s carsharing service is built on convenience, dependability, value and safety. To keep the experience safe from the start, we chose ZoOm to ensure only the right person has access to the right vehicle. We deployed our Turbi mobile app integrated with ZoOm in only short three weeks from our very first conversation with FaceTec. The unmatched security, speed, simplicity and ease of management allows us to focus on growing our business,” said Diego Lira, CEO of Turbi. “As we continue to add more cars and more customers, having a high level of security in place is a great comfort.”

According to Global Market Insights, Inc., the car sharing market is expected to deliver year-over-year growth from 2016 to 2024 of over 34%, with revenues projected to be over USD 16.5B.

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