Hello and welcome to Work In Progress (WIP) with me, Ilana Lipsztein, for The Brasilians Newspaper! I am very happy to be here with you and share innovative tips and news about Brazilian women in entrepreneurship.

During the pandemic times, people have had to adapt, be creative, and think of working solutions to problems we never thought we’d face. Being a woman and an immigrant I know the importance of resilience, hard work, and persistence. We need to be strong, creative, and capable of handling many tasks under pressure. It is in our genes.

Yes, we go to meetings with the supermarket list in our bags and we have special codes with our children to pick up the phone no matter when, if it is an emergency. We practically prepare for disaster every day, all the while making sure our children are happy and fed. It was never easy being a woman and now it is even harder.

During quarantine, I started a new blog and consulting business to help women unleash their talents and find new opportunities despite everything happening around us. On my journey, I have encountered amazing entrepreneurs and new business ideas. In my column IlanaWip, I will share stories that will certainly encourage and inspire you to find new paths, talents, or passions hidden under the pressures that we all face daily.

To start off today I will present a story about a successful entrepreneur. I am sure her journey will inspire you to unleash your own talents and realize you are also a work in progress (WIP).

Over 8 years ago, Brazilian Gislene Luz started her business as a Dessert Stylist working with top event planners like Diana Gould and David Beahm in some of the most famous event venues in NYC like The Plaza Hotel, The Manhattan Club, and 583 Park Avenue. She was truly at the top of her game with clients from all over the world including India, Portugal, America, and of course, Brazil.

If you don’t know what a Dessert Stylist is, it is the fashion designer for all the delicious sweets offered at the most remarkable events of our lives. Gislene brought the traditional sweet table to a totally different level, transforming desserts into a party attraction.

With the Pandemic all inperson events were suddenly canceled, throwing many professionals and artists like her into unemployment. With a small child and lots of bills to pay, Gislene needed to reinvent herself and her business and adapt to the new situation, the “new normal,” and all the insecurities that came with it. She managed to turn her fear into challenges that she could overcome, and finally she got back on track.

Gislene launched her online business, growing her blog and Instagram page by offering tips and advice on party decor that people could do from their own homes. On her Instagram page, Gislene has over 12K followers and counting. Now her incredible dessert stylings are available to everyone, not just celebrities at big events in NYC.

She also needed to reshape her business plans due to the pandemic. Now, instead of designing for 200 + guests, Gislene services small events up to 30 guests. It is the “new normal” she says, and she believes the smaller event sizes are here to stay.

To survive during the crisis Gislene highlighted the importance of learning new online skills and searching for new market trends and opportunities. When one door closes we need to pay attention to new ones that may open.

Ilana_Wip is all about brave women like Gislene and what they can share with us as we all try to become our best selves.

Ilana Lipzstein, the voice behind Ilana_Wip, is a journalist and entrepreneur from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, living for 20 years in New York. She is passionate about helping people find their voices and pursue their dreams.

Ilana_Wip has recently partnered up with Simone Goldstein (Entendeumidia.com), an expert in Marketing and Social Media, bringing even greater efficiency to her goals.

It is never too late to start and never too early to change. Follow @ilana_wip and her journey, as she is also and forever a Work in Progress. Check out Ilana_Wip’s Instagram and Facebook, and also her lifestyle blog www.ilanawip.com

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Ilana Lipsztein é jornalista, empresária, carioca e mora em Nova York há 20 anos com seus 2 filhos e o marido Roberto. Este ano ela lançou The Wip Factory, em parceria com a empresa EntendeuMedia.com (Simone Goldstein), aonde oferece serviços de consultoria e marketing para mulheres empreendedoras.

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