Education can expand opportunities for children and youth, said Education Minister Mendonça Filho. Speaking during the award ceremony of the National Order of Educational Merit, he called for more coordination between civil society and the government.

In total, 110 personalities were honoured for their efforts to improve education in Brazil. “Educating is about creating opportunities, expanding horizons, and ensuring that children and youth may have access to a decent future,” said Mendonça Filho.

In his speech, the Minister of Education stressed that the Government of Brazil has brought about several advances in the

sector in the last two years.

Upper Secondary Education Reform

Enacted in 2016, the reform made upper secondary curricula more flexible to give students more autonomy in choosing the area of knowledge they prefer to study, in addition to fostering the opening of 500,000 positions in full-time schools.

Approved last year, the common core defines the basic reference contents that must be included in the curricula of public and private schools throughout the country.

Mendonça Filho also referred to the government’s announcement that it will invest R$ 1 billion in the National Teacher Training Policy this year, with the creation of 190,000 positions in the Teaching Initiation Scholarship Institutional Programme (Pibid). “This legacy is important, but we must be aware that we still have a long way to go,” he said.


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