Eloise dreams of becoming a ballerina and an actress. When her overbearing parents step in and limit her opportunities, Eloise becomes engaged to an older divorced man and begins making plans to emigrate from Brazil to the United States to attend graduate school. But when her fiancé dies in a plane crash just six weeks before they are to depart, Eloise is left wondering if she will ever find room in her broken heart to love again.

In Alina Gomes’ “Eloise: A Love Story” (published by Archway Publishing), a young woman embarks on a coming-of-age journey that leads her from Brazil to America where she learns to trust in the power of true love.

“Everybody loves a love story, because love is what makes the world go round,” says Gomes.

Alina Gomes was born and raised in Brazil. She is a writer inspired by her world travels. She currently resides in California. “Eloise” is her first book, which is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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