Rodrigo Teaser began to imitate Michael Jackson at the age of nine participating in children’s TV shows and artistic competitions.

Rodrigo Teaser was invited to perform for Michael Jackson at the “30th years of magic” party that took place in New York City, getting together Michael’s impersonators from Latin America.

In Brazil, Teaser had already shared the stage with several local artists in honor of Michael Jackson.

After the King of Pop died, Teaser had the idea of producing a mega tribute, a show with all the elements that Michael Jackson had in his shows. Today this show is considered the greatest Latin American tribute to Michael and one of the greatest in the world. A production with live band, dancers, costumes, special effects, scenic lifts, LED screen, and more.

In 2014, Lavelle Smith, dancer and choreographer of Michael Jackson for more than 20 years, went to Brazil to contribute and direct Rodrigo and the show. During the process, Lavelle wanted to be part of the show. Besides LaVelle Smith, Rodrigo Teaser shared the stage with Jennifer Batten, guitarist of the King of Pop, on all tours.

In Brazil and South American the show is a phenomenon, selling out wherever it goes.

Rodrigo Teaser is a common figure in the most watched TV shows in Brazil.

Currently the tribute to the King of Pop is considered one of the biggest tribute shows in the world. The show have been live broadcasted on the Brazilian TV channel Multishow and has been a trending topic on Twitter.

In 2017, Teaser performed at Rock In Rio music festival, which brings together international national artists such as with Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and many others. Rodrigo was the only tribute artist to perform in the festival.

In addition to imitating Michael Jackson, Rodrigo Teaser has his own music career. He grew up dedicating himself to the greatest pop artist the world has ever seen, but today he is also ready to follow a new path, without ever abandoning who opened the doors of art for him.

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