Forró in the Dark is a clubby Brazilian forró band in New York City. Their home ground is Nublu in the East Village where they have often played Nublu’s Wednesday night Brazil party.

The band just released its latest album Sandcastle.

Forró in the Dark have been together since 2002. The band grew out of a jam session at Nublu. The current lineup is Mauro Refosco (zabumba, percussion), Guilherme Monteiro (guitar), and Jorge Continentino (pífanos, flutes, saxophones). All the guys play on a variety of music projects. Mauro records and tours with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Continentino is New York City’s top Brazilian flute player.

What most sticks in the mind about Forró in the Dark is Refosco’s driving beat and singing triangle. Monteiro takes the place of the traditional accordion. On top of that you get Continentino’s happy melodies. A variety of guest singers make for really fun music with some unexpected touches.

On the band’s debut album Bonfires of São João (2006), you can hear guest performances by David Byrne of Talking Heads, Bebel Gilberto, the queen of electronic Bossa Nova, and a surprisingly wonderful take with Japanese singer Miho Hatori.

2009’s Light a Candle includes vocals by Sabina Sciubba of Brazilian Girls, another band that came of of Nublu back in the day.

Source: New York Latin Culture

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