Located at the South of Santa Catarina, Garopaba has some of the most beautiful beaches of the State. Proper for surfing, the beaches of the city have hosted several international championships and receive many lovers of the sport every year.

Garopaba was presented with beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and large coasts, in addition to its preserved native forests, with ecological trails to suit all tastes, and delicious waterfalls, an excellent choice for those who enjoy ecotourism.

But that is not all. The adventurers have access to various activities, such as diving, sandboarding on the Siriú Dunes, fun boat rides, hang gliding, and parachuting. And between the months of June and November you can see the majestic right whales, which migrate to have their babies and breastfeed.

One of the most popular beaches of the region is the Ferrugem Beach, about 8 km from downtown. There, you can find translucent waters and impressive waves, in

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addition to charming natural pools and dunes of fine and clear sand. With several bars, the local is popular at night, especially during high season.

Silveira Beach, is one of the most coveted by surfers and annually receives national and international sport championships. The scenery is wild, with huge rocky shores, native and ground vegetation.

Fifteen km from downtown, the Gamboa Beach also has good waves. It is frequented by fishermen who live nearby and by surfing fans.

The nearest beach is Garopaba, which has excellent infrastructure and a pretty calm sea. It is great for walks by the sea, renovating sunbathes and armfuls. It is usually frequented by families.

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