A new approach for delivering and sharing positive news has been launched: “We have created an oasis of positive and informative news so people can get inspired on a daily basis to do their best in the name of humanity.”

That’s how Flavio Souza describes his news portal GoHumans.news. Souza, a native of Brazil, is an environmental techie entrepreneur and the CEO of Full-circle Innovations, a digital startup set up to develop and promote technological innovations in favor of sustainability.

“We are lauching GoHumans.news in order to provide proper and adequate coverage of issues that the mainstream media just does not talk about,” Souza explained. “Traditional media highlights, war, terrorism and other negative issues and we want to focus on the individual and show that humanity in general can do good things and walk on the positive side of the road too,” Souza continued.

“People to people journalism” is the label that Souza uses to explain the news gathering method of GoHumans. news. “The site is built in a way that allows anyone to share, write or publish their own positive stories,” Souza says.

Souza expects that once the site becomes well known it will be able to feature positive articles written by citizen journalists from around the world.

A beta version of the site is now online and the current selection of articles gives an idea of what to expect from this emerging news portal.

There is an article about a dry cleaning business that offers free service for unemployed people who are applying for job interviews. Another article from New York highlights the work of barber Mark Bustos who gives free haircuts to the homeless.

“There are so many inspiring acts of kindness and selfless service that go unreported every day and our website is going to do something about that,” Souza said. News categories for the GoHumans.News website currently include business, community, people, photos, quotes, sports and travel but the idea is to expand on that as time goes by.

“If you would like to contribute an article please visit us today,” Souza concluded.

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