Shot in the depths of the Brazilian Jungle, Rodrigo Rodrigues Studios announced ‘Goitaca’s entry into the last stages of post-production.

The studio announced its entry into post-production whilst shooting a promotional bonus clip in the heart of London at a cast reunion with the ‘City of God’ Star.

Goitaca is a tale, which thins the veil between the world we once knew of and the world only few have ever made contact with.

Based in an era where the spiritual world has a direct relationship with the tribes of this Earth, Goitaca consists of a cast inspired by ancient wisdom of indigenous tribes from a time lost a long time ago, inclusive of Shamans, Tribal Chiefs, Spiritual Warriors and mystical entities, their stories told in English, and fictional indigenous dialect on a new and exciting journey. “Despite the fantasy land Goitaca is based in, visual effects for the film have been kept to an absolute minimum. Therefore relying on the entrancing natural beauty of the Jungle and sets to create the magical atmosphere of which the story unravels itself within, however when it has been necessary and I’m very grateful to the people involved in it”, says director Rodrigo Rodrigues.

The Drama has a star spangled cast, which includes the star of the Academy Award nominated film “City of God” Leandro Firmino (Little Zé) who plays an indigenous tribal leader. The project also presents Brazilian soap legend Lady Francisco, Luciano Szafir, Christine Oliveira (Chocolat with Johnny Depp, Carla Mitchell from Eastenders), Macximo Bossimo, Helder Cardozo, Betto Marque, Olivia Harriet, Daniel Bauerfeldt, João Alberto Tchian, Marcos Accogli, Pedro Malta, Dionisio Correa, Fernanda Magnani, Danillo Sales, Evelyn Mayrink, Lucas Jordan, Victor Vasconcelos, Diogo Salles, Yago Brasil, Arthur Benatti Teixeira, Victoria Vasconcelos, Bradley Rodgers and Bruna Barbosa. For more info:

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