The federal government has authorized the entry of foreigners of any nationality in all airports across Brazil. Entry through roads and other means by land is still restricted.

The decision was brought into effect last September 24th and extends the restriction on foreigners coming in “by road or other terrestrial means, or by water.”

In July, the government had partly allowed foreigners to come to the country by air.

Since international flights and the entry of foreigners by other means were restricted in March, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has reassessed measures on a monthly basis.

The entry of foreigners through land is allowed provided that the migratory requirements suiting their conditions are observed, including that of showing an entry visa when required. Those coming to Brazil for short-duration trips (up to 90 days) may show the air carrier an insurance document valid in Brazil, before boarding, for health care costs.

The joint decision – signed by the office of the president’s chief of staff as well as the Ministries of Health, Infrastructure, Justice, and Security – exceptionally authorizes foreigners in a country that shares land borders with Brazil who need to cross them before taking a flight back to their country of residence to request to do so with the Federal Police and proceed straight to the airport. To do that, they must produce an official demand from the embassy or council of the country in question, plus the corresponding air tickets.

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