Hope Wanted takes place outdoors in New-York Historical’s rear courtyard (entrance by 5 West 76th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue), providing an open-air environment for visitors to view the exhibition and contemplate the impact of COVID-19 on New York City. Admission is free; access is limited and face coverings are required for entry, with social distancing enforced through timed-entry tickets and on-site safety measures.

Curated by poet and journalist Kevin Powell and photographer Kay Hickman, Hope Wanted: New York City Under Quarantine features more than 50 photographs taken by Hickman along with 14 audio interviews with the photographs’ subjects conducted by Powell during the team’s intensive two-day odyssey across the city on April 8th–9th, 2020; the audio will be accessible to visitors through their cell phones. Hickman’s empathetic photographs of people and their neighborhoods in all five boroughs and Powell’s searching interviews of New Yorkers impacted by the crisis capture both tragedy and remarkable resilience at a moment in time during the pandemic. The exhibition text and audio will be offered in both English and Spanish.

The exhibition also includes a quiet seating area, surrounded by plantings and conducive to reflection, where visitors can record their own experiences of the pandemic in an open-sided story booth. These oral histories will be archived by New-York Historical.

Source: New-York Historical Visiting Hours: Monday – Wednesday CLOSED; Thursday (age 65+ and immunocompromised only) 11am – 5pm; Friday 11am – 8pm & Saturday – Sunday 11am – 5pm

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