We inform you that Avianca Brasil will discontinue their flights from Brazil to the United States and vice versa, as of March 31st, 2019.

We ask that all passengers who purchased their tickets through the BACC Group (BACC Travel, Brazilian Travel Service, Clickandfly and Brazilianexpress), or in any of our branches (Newark-NJ, Danbury-CT and Boston-MA), tickets with departure and arrival dates after day March 31st, please contact our offices, and speak preferably with the agent you bought from. If you made your purchase online speak to the online department, so that we can contact Avianca Brasil and start the process of its rearrangement. In case the passenger has not used any part of the ticket and does not accept the options offered by Avianca Brasil, the airline company will authorize the refund (*) of the payment, made at the time of purchase of the ticket, through BACC group. This is in accordance with ANAC resolution 400.

(*) If the passenger has already used a portion of the ticket, the return to his city ​​of origin will have to be within the options offered by Avianca Brazil. If the passenger does not accept any of the options offered by Avianca Brasil, there will be no refund on the part of the ticket that was not used.

Questions? Contact our offices and speak with one of our agents: 1-800-222-2746

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