With the measures taken by the Brazilian government already showing their positive effects on the economy, businesspeople from the commerce sector are saying that the moment is ripe for the resumption of investments in the country. Brazil has entered a new cycle of opportunities, they said.

“It’s worth investing in Brazil. Brazil continues to be the ‘country of the future’,” said the president of the Commerce Association of São Paulo, Alencar Burti. On March 13th, President Michel Temer participated in the opening session of the plenary of the Federation of Trade Associations of the State of São Paulo (Facesp).

Renewed Interest

The Vice-president of the entity, João Bico, also made a positive assessment of the country. In his view, Brazilian investors have enormous interest in Brazil. “The whole world is watching our country (…) The whole world wants to invest in Brazil,” he said.

According to the president of the Confederation of Trade and Business Associations of Brazil (CACB), George Pinheiro, entrepreneurs see Brazil as a new business opportunity. “The country is doing its homework. We have made the necessary reforms, and I understand that we are living a new moment,” he said.

Source: www.brazilgovnews.gov.br

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