A new exhibition by Jay Milder opens September 27th at PAAM – Provincetown Museum, MA, curate by the art historian Adam Zucker and supported by the art collector Richard Fuchs. The solo exhibition features 37 paintings that will be on display until October 30th, 2019. Milder was appointed to the position of Cultural Ambassador between Brazil and America in 2009.

Jay Milder exhibition will draw a line from his 1958 Noah’s Arc series following the 60’s period. During the 70’s period Milder will show the Figurative Expressionism. In the 80’s the paintings are heavy impasto as phenomenology. In the 90’s to 2000 until now the period shows his Numerology from Kabbala. All these art periods reflex his Graffiti concerns whether it be polyphonic or not.

Milder is based in Soho New York City and has been shown in many countries all over the world.

For more information about the exhibition, contact Liza R. Papi, email: lizapapi@aol.com or cellular: (917) 653-1303

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