Specialized farm tours take business travelers to Brazil’s agricultural territories to learn about Brazil’s farming success. From the Coopavel Show Rural in Cascavel to Expo Londrina, all farm tours can be customized to include research centers, agriculture cooperatives, Argentina farms, or even coffee fincas in Colombia.

Travel through the countryside of Brazil, stopping by, for example, at Tibagi, the largest municipality in the state of Paraná and an agricultural powerhouse. Visit both small and medium scale farms sprinkled throughout the region and walk alongside expert agriculture guides to learn about the modern technologies and machinery used in Brazil. The technological advances have contributed to their overall success despite the challenging climate.

Continue to Londrina, another region in the Paraná state with an economic emphasis in the agriculture industry. Visit the Embrapa Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation to study the soil and soybean varieties. Learn how Embrapa develops varietals that can withstand the intense tropical climates of Brazil. Continue to the IAPARA, the Paraná State Agricultural Research Center and tour the facilities with an expert guide. By the end of this tour, travelers will have a new-found understanding of Brazil’s countryside & its agriculture powerhouse.

Learn about “Agroforestry,” as some call it, the practice of planting trees and woodland areas in a particular way so that the land thrives off of its ecological and economic benefits. Hike through the agroforest region, stop by the organic garden, bamboo plantation and “jucara” palmetto plant locations and learn about the sustainable alternatives used on the farm along with the flora and fauna of the Serra da Bocaina National Park.

The options are endless. Brazil’s rich agriculture system is an example to the world.

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