The president-elect, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, will propose that the 30th edition of the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations on Climate Change (COP30), in 2025, be held in the Amazon. “We are going to talk to the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres and we are going to ask that the 2025 COP be held in Brazil, in the Amazon,” he said during his participation at COP27 in Egypt.


“I think it’s very important that people who defend the Amazon, who defend the climate, know what that region is up close, so that people can discuss the Amazon from a concrete reality and not just from a culture through reading,” he said. For Lula, both the state of Pará and the state of Amazonas are ready to host the international conference.

At COP27, which was held in Egypt in November, Lula received a letter of common commitments from the consortium of governors of the nine Brazilian states of the Legal Amazon. During the delivery of the document, it was the governor of Pará, Helder Barbalho, who asked the president-elect to make the proposal to hold COP30 in Brazil to the United Nations (UN) summit.

“I make this request on behalf of the Consortium of Governors and the Native Peoples. I ask that you offer the Amazon to host COP30, so that we can take the planet to debate the Amazon by knowing the Amazon. So that, more than getting to know it through social networks, through the distance of books or access to information through the networks, they get to know the Amazon and its people, with their feet on the ground, looking at us from the front, and building with us an Amazon that is alive with sustainability and with social justice for the people of the Amazon”, said Barbalho.

Source: Agência Brasil

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