For the first time, the Bons Dias! chronicles of Machado de Assis have been translated into English. Besides its unprecedented translation, the collection is the most complete in any language.

Good Days!: The Chronicles of Machado de Assis — 1888-1889, translated by Ana Lessa-Schmidt, Ph.D., and Greicy Pinto Bellin, Ph.D., includes the entire known series of essays written by Machado for Rio de Janeiro’s Gazeta de Notícias. The essays were written during two of Brazil’s most crucial years. Slavery was abolished in 1888, and in 1889, Brazil became a democratic republic.

The bilingual edition — in English and the original Portuguese — is part of the Brazilian Series published by New London Librarium. The series includes books by Machado de Assis, Rubem Alves, João do Rio, Mário de Andrade, and Glenn Alan Cheney.

Little known outside of Brazil, Machado de Assis is considered one of Western literature’s greatest writers. While his fiction is his more recognized genre, his nonfiction gives readers an astute observation of life in Brazil during his time. He also wrote poetry and plays.

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