Brazil already has 889 registered breweries. The record number was reached after the significant expansion in the sector in 2018, with 210 new breweries opened (a remarkable 23% in year-over-year growth). The data comes from the Beer in Brazil Yearbook, a survey released by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA).

In all, the country currently produces 16,968 products (including can/bottle and draft beers), approximately 6,800 of which were registered last year. According to the Ministry, the positive moment of the sector is a result of increased demand in the country for craft beverages.

A total 479 municipalities in the country have at least one brewery today, almost 10% of all Brazilian cities. The leader of the ranking is Porto Alegre (RS), with 35 breweries. It is followed by Nova Lima (MG) with 19 and Caxias do Sul (RS) with 16. Rio Grande do Sul is the state with the largest number of breweries (186), followed by São Paulo (165) and Minas Gerais (115).

Source: BrazilGovNews

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