The Brazilian coastline is full of beauty, diversity and a world of the sea as far as the eye can see. Among the coolest ways to know the touristic points available here is through boat rides between one island and another. In addition to visiting paradisiacal beaches, you can enjoy the diverse marine fauna, numerous species of fish, crustaceans, turtles, and dive into fine waters blessed by Mother Nature. Following, there are a few suggestions of very well-known sailing routes:

Island of Cataguases (Angra dos Reis – RJ)

Cataguases is one of the most beautiful islands of Angra dos Reis. Its white sand blends perfectly with the emerald green sea of Angra dos Reis. Filled with pitangueira trees, the tree of pitanga – a typical Brazilian reddish cherry with sweet flavor – the beach has calm waters, perfect for children. On the island, you can take trips with a rather interesting advantage: they take a toboggan attached to the schooner, making the boat stops even more fun.

Salvador (BA)

Leaving Rio de Janeiro and up the coast, you will find Salvador, the capital of Bahia. In addition to the most famous tourist spots such as the Pelourinho, the Bahia capital has the second biggest bay of the planet, the Baía de Todos os Santos, hot-spot to experience many natural attractions on a boat.

Ilhabela (SP)

Sailing on a boat, the tours by sea are unforgettable choices to visit amazing beaches in Ilhabela. Considered by many the ideal place to sail because of the currents and winds, the island is a paradise for all water sports, especially those that depend on favorable winds, such as sailing, surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.

Source: Visitbrasil

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