Travel Channel has crisscrossed the globe to uncover the earth’s most amazing, refreshing and off-the-beaten-path places to dive into in the new season of “Top Secret Swimming Holes”. From epic cliff jumps in Hawaii and private waterfalls in Jamaica, water thrills are in every corner of the world. But Travel Channel highlighted one incredible swim spot to dip your toes into in Brazil:

Poço Azul

Chapada Diamantina National Park sits 260 miles inland from the Brazilian city of Salvador, and features hundreds of miles of towering rock formations and underground caves. The most mysterious of these caves is Poco Azul, which houses some of the clearest blue water on earth. Visitors are required to take a shower before swimming so as not to contaminate the water with oils and lotions. After hiking down steep trail heads through the jungle, visitors enter the cavern – a 65-foot-deep lagoon with water so stunningly transparent that the underwater landscapes emerge as clear as day. Scientists have found many fossils in this ancient cave, including an extinct 20-foottall ground sloth. It’s a serene and secluded swimming experience like no other!

Other places suggested by the pro-gram, include: Church Bay (Bermuda), Deep Creek Hot Springs (California), Ichetucknee Springs (Florida), Lulumahu Falls (Hawaii), Owia Salt Pond (St. Vincent and the Grenadines), Playa Rincon (Dominican Republic), Skinny Dip Falls (North Carolina), Sooke Potholes (British Columbia) and Y.S. Falls (Jamaica).

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