This year’s spring allergy season could be the worst yet, or at least that is what you might hear. Every year is coined as being the worst for allergy sufferers, but are spring allergies really on the rise?

“A number of factors, such as weather patterns, predict how intense the spring allergy season will be,” said allergist Michael Foggs, MD, president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI).

“With more people being affected by seasonal allergies, it may seem like every year is the worst yet for sufferers,” said Dr. Foggs. “But in reality, there might just be more people complaining about symptoms.”

Following are factors that influence the severity of allergy season, along with some explanations about why more Americans are being diagnosed with allergies.

While many allergy sufferers reach for over-the-counter medications to find relief, it is recommended those who may believe they have allergies see a board-certified allergist. An allergist can perform proper testing to accurately diagnose and treat sufferers so the spring sneezing season doesn’t have to be bothersome.

“Over-the-counter medications may work for those with mild symptoms, but they can cause a variety of side effects, such as difficulty concentrating, irritability and sleep disturbances,” said Dr. Foggs. “For those with moderate to severe symptoms, treatment may go beyond antihistamines and include allergy shots.”


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