The history has surprisingly deep origins from the colonial times of the state of Minas Gerais. It presents young women who, after their household chores, often sat by the window and stared at the street at none-specific point. At the same time, they flirtatiously watched men walking down the street.

There is also a story, that these standing ladies by the window are ordinary gossipers that listened fresh information from the street to talk about others lives. One of the most original story is that these women flirted with passing men on the street and in that way were looking for a potential husband.

Why did they flirt in this way?

In the colonial times, children were educated with a “hard hand”. The girls could not go out without company, and they could not even date. When a man became interested in a certain girl, everything had to be done according to contemporary standards.

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If a devotee wanted to meet a girl, he had to introduce himself to the girl’s parents and ask the head of the family for a date with her. After their accepted, the boy could meet with the girl, but in the presence of her parents.

Why they have the nickname “flirting”?

The posture of these sculptures indicates, that these women were waiting for courtship. It can be found in many different sizes and materials, such as wood, ceramics, plaster and resin.

Often the women stood by the window, as you can see in the attached photos. With one hand they hold their heads up, as if they were expecting something. Their clothes accented beautiful

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feminine shapes. The nickname of lovers or flirting women consisted in the fact that in the beautiful dresses with a substantial cleavage, they stood by the window waiting for the admirer who could walk past and greet them with a beautiful smile. Perhaps this smile could be the beginning of courtship, leading to beautiful love.

It was a time where women could find their husbands looking out of the window.

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