A Brazilian Street Art Exhibition called “Synopsis of an Urban Memoir”, with works byAlto*Contraste, Branco, Bugre, Camila Crivelenti, Ciro Schu, Combone, Criola, Fefa Românova, Goms, Henrique Belotti, Ju Violeta, Júlio Vieira, Mag Magrela, Mateus Bailon, Panmela Castro, Pecci, Siss, Tikka and Vermelho, is currently taking place at CUFA Headquarters at Andrew Freedman Home (1125 Grand Concourse – Bronx, NY) until April 14th.

It is an opportunity to see the work of talented Brazilian artists, who through their own style, represents different voices within their communities.

The exhibition is being made in partnership with CUFA, an nonprofit founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1996 by Celso Athayde a documentarist, a four times best-seller writer and a social activist. The organization is recognized and awarded worldwide inspiring and influencing public policies, media and attracting private investments to fulfill its mission of exchange social technologies and provide intercultural dialogue among the poor, specially through education, sports and inter-cultural programs.

Part of the proceeds from this exhibition will benefit CUFA programs and projects in the USA.

For more information, visit: facebook.com/Synopsisofanurbanmemoir/

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