President Michel Temer analysed of the seven months of his administration and spoke of the expectations for this year.

He cited a number of examples and measures already taken by the government that will help end the economic crisis. Temer spoke, among others, of the decrease in interest rates and the fight against inflation. “In these few months of our administration, much has been done. As a result of our recent efforts, inflation has dropped and is once again within the annual target, which will put a brake on the high prices that you feel at the supermarket.”

Michel Temer recalled the government’s achievements since May, such as the enactment of the bill that caps public spending increases for the next twenty years and the law that increases transparency in the management of State-owned enterprises.

Temer also pondered that he is aware of the country’s problems, such as the high burden of taxes paid by the citizens, “who receive little in return”. Therefore, he assessed that one of the challenges ahead is cut red tape in and improve the quality of the public services offered to the population.

The president said he had confidence that in 2017 businesses will once again invest, and the country will start to recover the jobs it lost. According to him, this year the Brazilian economy will grow again, but this time in a “sustainable and responsible manner”.

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