Canela is one of the most amazing cities of the Serra Gaúcha and is certainly worth visiting. Canela and the nearby city, Gramado, 7km away, are part of the Romantic Route, an itinerary characterized by its cold weather and tourist attractions that vary from shopping to ecotourism and adventure, as well as offering incredible cuisine.

Among the ecotourism options, visit the Parque Estadual do Caracol, one of the best known landscapes of Rio Grande do Sul. It has a beautiful 131m high waterfall in addition to vie-wing spots, restaurants, shops, and leisure areas. In the park you can ride on the train from the Sonho Vivo Station, board the cable car, which leads to a viewing spot facing the water-fall and valley, as well as partake in more extreme activities, such as trekking, mountain biking, canyoning, and zip-lining.

The Parque da Ferradura is 6 km from Caracol, ideal for those seeking to connect with nature, offering various options of trails. In addition, the parks Laje de Pedra, Sequoias, Sesi, Corredeiras, and the National Forest of the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) are some of the many options to connect with nature in the beautiful natural setting of Canela.

In the city, be sure to visit tourist attractions such as the theme park Mundo a Vapor, which impressively has a wagon train positioned almost vertically on the facade. You should also visit the Casa do Artesão (Artesan House), where you can buy beautiful handmade pieces, and the Catedral de Pedra, an impressive church in the Gothic style. Next to it is the famous Alpen Park, an amusement park where you can ride a zip-line and toboggan, in addition to abseiling, tree climbing and other activities.

Eating is also an attraction in Canela, starting with the colonial coffee. There are more than 80 delights served at the table, such as jellies, wines, cakes, and homemade pasta, besides the traditional polentas and sausages. It is almost impossible to eat everything that is served! Fondues, galetos (small pieces of broiled chicken), barbecue and soups are also part of the gastronomic tour of the city.


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