For one night, Brazil in Concert fused Brazilian and American culture for their Halloween event.

The Brazil in Concert Group is a leading entertainment company that brings Brazilian artists to New York, Boston, and Florida, to perform for Brazilians living in the United States. Their purpose is to bring Brazilian culture to the community in a lively and spectacular event.

On October 29th, Brazil in Concert presented Aviões do Forró, a Brazilian band that plays traditional Brazilian music called forró, a popular genre of dance and music in Northeast Brazil. Created by Luiz Gonzaga, forró combines various musical styles and is played with many instruments, including the accordion, triangle, and zabumba.

emilia-haloweenWhile Aviões do Forró entertained the crowd with Brazilian music, guests enjoyed dressing up for Halloween in the American tradition. To founders Josimar Moreira and João de Matos, seeing the crowd excited is the reason they continue to bring Brazilian culture to American crowds.

Christiane Cançado, one of the V.I.P. guests, was thrilled to participate in the event. According to the Brazilian national, “I always attend Brazil in Concert, because it makes me feel like I’m at home.”

Another V.I.P. guest, Emilia Pedersen, a Danish national with Brazilian roots, says being a part of the event allowed her to learn more about Brazilian culture in the U.S. “I consider myself the next Brazilian generation and being apart of events like this is a gift because culture and tradition are important to understanding everyday life and is a priceless experience.”

Brazil in Concert has brought many big name artists, like Zeca Pagodinho, Legião Urbana, Rappa and more – to share the lively Brazilian concerts with communities in the U.S. This year was closed with tremendous success, and the calendar for 2017 is already filled with popular artists.


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