Brazil’s American Corners are dedicated public diplomacy engagement and information spaces hosted in universities, libraries, SENAC, and SESC, generally in areas where the U.S. Mission has a small footprint.

American Spaces introduce visitors to the true story of the United States. By providing a multifunctional platform for programs, offering multimedia content and access to technology, Brazil’s Corners promote open dialogue, counteract negative preconceptions, and build bridges of understanding. Each Corner is expected to offer information about the U.S., alumni activities, educational advising, cultural programs, and English resources.

There are five American Corners in Brazil:

• Boa Vista: Abraham Lincoln space was inaugurated in April 10, 2014, and was the fourth American Corner estabilished in Brazil. The corner is located at Centro de Idiomas do SENAC. It provides current information on the USA for students, business people, university professors and the community.

• Campo Grande: The American Corner Campo Grande was inaugurated in July 30, 2014, and was the fifth American Corner established in Brazil. The corner is located at SESC Horto and has an average of more than 7,000 visitors per month. Its diverse programming targets a wide range of audiences through a variety of activities, including presentations on the steps to study in the United States, holiday celebrations, exhibits and English language conversation clubs.

• Salvador: The Espaço Benjamin Franklin was inaugurated in October 27, 2006, and was the third American Corner to be established in Brazil. AC Salvador provides access to current and reliable information about the U.S. from book collections, periodicals, databases, and through local programming. Access to the collection is free and open to the public. The Corner is located at “Biblioteca Pública Thales de Azevedo”.

• Science Corner: On August 5th, 2013, the Science Corner was inaugurated aiming to strengthen cooperation between Brazil and U.S. in science and technology, offering information support to Brazilian scientists and researchers and everyone who is interested in science. Located at the UCB library, the Science Corner provides access to scientific books, magazines, DVDs, online databases, software and workstations selected to support the efforts of research and teaching on various topics such as environment, sustainable energy, health and agro-science.

• Shelf Florianópolis: The American Shelf Maya Angelou was inaugurated in August 15, 2014. The Shelf is located at the language center of Bom Jesus Coração de Jesus and open to the public. The shelf has a collection of more than 100 printed books and 59 digital titles, including fiction, English learning materials and materials for people interested in studying in the United States.

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