Expedia.com released the results of a global study that explores cultural differences in beach attitudes and behaviors across 17 countries from around the globe. The results are an enlightening and entertaining look at what goes into a beach vacation.

Americans Go Domestic

It seems that most Americans look no further than home soil when planning a beach vacation. Amongst the biggest factors are the clean, safe beaches, great weather and minimal travel time compared to international destinations, with Florida, California and Hawaii boasting the most popular beaches in the country. However, younger Americans were twice as likely as Americans 35 years and older to have traveled further abroad to find the sand and sun, naming Mexico, Brazil and Australia as prominent vacation spots. Across all ages, the top 10 beach holiday destinations for American respondents are:

• United States (other) – 43 percent
• Florida – 35 percent
• California – 29 percent
• Hawaii – 22 percent
• Mexico – 18 percent
• Aruba – 13 percent
• Puerto Rico – 10 percent
• Brazil – 9 percent
• Jamaica – 7 percent
• Australia – 7 percent

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