About 2,500 researchers are currently in Brazil to attend the 2018 International Mathematical Congress (ICM) in Rio de Janeiro, which runs from Wednesday (1st August) until the 9th. The event, which takes place at the RioCentro Convention Centre, features 1,200 lectures, panel discussions and 40 parallel scientific meetings in Brazil.

Among the themes discussed in the round tables are gender distribution, the his-tory of mathematics and the impact technology has had on the discipline. The event will also host the award ceremony of the most important mathematics accolade, the Fields Medal, informally called the “Nobel Prize of Mathematics”, granted to mathematicians of particular highlight aged 40 and



The ICM started in Switzerland in 1897 and is organised every four years, always in partnership with the host country and the International Mathematical Union (IMU). This is the first time the Congress is taking place in a southern hemisphere country. Nationally, the event joins the 2017-2018 Brazilian Mathematics Biennial, part of a set of actions seeking to bring the discipline closer to the public.


Part of the goals of ICM 2018 is to support the participation of mathematicians from poor countries. The Open Arms programme, a tradition of the event and a responsibility of the host country, offered 630 grants this year for attendance in the event to mathematicians from Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific, as well as 250 for Brazilians.

Source: www.brazilgovnews.gov.br/

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