After 23 years of bilateral relations, Brazil has formally requested entry into the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The board of the entity will now review the request for inclusion.

Alexandre Parola, the spokesman of the Presidency of the Republic, pointed out that Brazil was invited to an expanded engagement with OECD, precisely as a mechanism to strengthen the partnership with the agency. Since 1994, the country participates in OECD activities, in addition to monitoring 23 committees and working groups. Moreover, Brazil also has 31 legal instruments defined by the organization.

“[The request] is part of the efforts by the Brazilian Government to consolidate sustainable and inclusive development, modernizing management and taking advantage of the Organization’s wide experience in comparative public policies,” said the spokesman in a statement to the press. The OECD is a multilateral organization based in Paris that brings together the world’s leading economies among its 34 members.

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