A trip through Brazil’s flavors and festivals, from the the Mountains of Rio Grande do Sul to the state of Amazonas.

There are those that do tourism and do not miss the chance to taste the culinary specialties of the places visited. And there are those who leave for the purpose of making a gastronomic trip and, when there is a spare-time, also touristic.

If you are part of the second group, the good news is that in Brazil there are several gastronomic festivals of international level, combining good food, good drink and, why not, a good diving in local cultures.

In this respect, one of the most interesting is the Culture and Gastronomy Festival of Tiradentes. Bringing together over 40,000 people annually, who consumes 2,500 tons of food and 6,000 bottles of wine, the event takes place in late August and combines good food and the fascinating landscape of Tiradentes, the historic city of Minas Gerais. The program also includes culinary courses and tour in different restaurants, so you can taste a little of the specialties of each one.

Rio de Janeiro also has good events in this area. The Gastronomic Festival of Búzios brings together 50 local restaurants, in a celebration that includes the presentation of musicians and artists, during the month of July. The Rio Wine and Food Festival is held in October and is titled “one of the biggest wine and gastronomy events in the world”. His proposal is to popularize and demystify the drink. The charming city of Paraty joins the list with Folia Gastronômica, which takes place in November and includes workshops and courses for children!

If you plan to combine good food and mountain weather, you cannot miss the “Festa da Colônia,” in Gramado, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and the

Festival de Gastronomia da Montanha, in Campos de Jordão, São Paulo. The first brings delights of Portuguese, Italian and German cuisines, in an 18-day party. The second one also offers the chance of recycling and updating for professionals in the area, through lectures and meetings. Both happen in the months of April and May.

However, if you want to indulge in the Amazonian specialties, the “Para-Ver-o-Peso” Cuisine Festival of the state of Pará, in May, which brings together renowned Brazilian and foreign chefs, as well as ingredients and products found only in the immense forest.

Lovers of the so-called “low-gastronomy” are not left helpless. For them there is the Comida di Buteco, that takes place in 20 cities and chooses, annually, the best tidbit of each one and the best “boteco” of Brazil. Or, as advertised, “the best root food.” If you travel the country between April and March, when the event happens, be sure to check if the city is participating in the contest.

With so many options, lovers of good food have many reasons to be open-mouthed.

Source: www.visitbrasil.com

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