A festival that takes place in Caxias do Sul to celebrate the Italian culture, offering lots of traditions, concerts and gastronomy.

The first Italian immigrants arrived in the Brazilian Southern Region in 1875 and they brought with them their rich traditions, such as the one of celebrating the harvesting of grapes and other fruits. Later in the 19th Century, there were so many farmers celebrating on their own that they decided to create one single festival. Then the traditional Feira Agroindustrial (Agribusiness Fair) started, later, in 1931, called the Brazilian Grape Festival of Caxias do Sul.

The Grape Festival takes you to a synesthetic tour through a Brazilian Italy. In both halls of Parque de Eventos, you’ll be able to taste the plentiful local cuisine, watch parades and memorable presentations, attend exhibitions, cheer for pretty women in the “queen of the festival contest” and still savor wines, grapes and by-products.

Concerts, which range from hip hop to gospel music, featuring national singers and local artists, provide fun for around one thousand people who visit the festival in each edition.

Source: www.visitbrasil.com

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