Today, the market is known as one of the great references also in the gastronomy field, for the variety and quality of its restaurants, and for the well-known gastronomy festivals that happen since 2013.

It’s not for nothing that CADEG welcomes an average of 10 thousand people every day and employs around 5 thousand people every month.

On holiday times, CADEG’s sales increase significantly. On Christmas, for instance, the market is crowded by the public who goes shopping to buy the items for the Christmas dinner (especially the flagship of Christmas and CADEG’s: cod!). The fish is the product that stands out the most in the market, selling around 20 to 30 tons every month. This figure raises considerably in December, when around 300 tons of cod fish are sold.

At last, always thinking about what’s best for their customers, Rio de Janeiro Municipal Market – CADEG is investing more and more in its infrastructure, having a large parking lot, modern escalators and elevators, easy load and unload, specialized cleaning crew, and 24-hour security.


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