The number of tourists from the United States should grow in the coming months. In February, visa applications increased 70% in comparison with the same period of 2017. According to the Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur), the hike was motivated by the possibility, open to tourists from that country, to request an electronic visa.

Global Attraction

Four countries have benefited with the electronic visa, among them, the United States. An increase has been seen in visa applications in all of them: Japan (+26%), Australia (+57%) and Canada (+4%). In a statement, Embratur informs that the body is planning to promote advertising actions in Canada (something that has not yet happened), so that the application increase in the North American country is even more expressive.

Tourism Drives the Economy

US organisations predict that in around three or four years, American tourists will generate US$ 1.5 billion in the Brazilian economy – amount much higher than the current US$ 710 million. The United States is the country with the second highest number of tourists that visit Brazil. Argentina is first.

Well Accepted

In Australia, where the electronic visa has been in operation since November 2017, about 98% of tourists choose the document issued entirely over the internet, to the detriment of the traditional visa. According to Embratur, in the US, the new method has been chosen by 65% of tourists; in Canada by 72% and in Japan, by 33%.

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