Born in New Orleans, United States, jazz arose from the interaction between the contradictions of America. Jazz is considered an innovation-based art, which reinvents itself as it’s created. Jazz has the freedom and improvisation for many personal styles. It’s simplicity, combined with contagious innovation, spontaneity, freshness of compositions, and the emo-tional genius of its improvisers, consolidated the essence of jazz. Jazz was spread all over the world, and in Brazil, it’s presence has been known.

We have prepared a list of special events that will leave you, traveler, willing to call for an encore:

Jazz & Blues
(Rio das Ostras, RJ)

It’s one of the largest festivals of its kind in Latin America and is considered by critics as one of the most important in Brasil. The festival takes place in the seaside resort of Rio das Ostras, a little less than 170 km away from Rio de Janeiro, with beaches, lagoons, charming coastal landscapes and squares. There are more than 60 hours of good music, divided into 4 days. This event attracts some of the biggest names in Jazz and Blues.

Savassi Festival
(Belo Horizonte, MG)

The main themes of Savassi Festival are jazz and instrumental music since 2003. Today, in addition to concerts in public spaces, the festival offers CD releases, contests, workshops, artist residency, among others. All over these years of festivals, with annual and uninterrupted editions, over 300 thousand people attended the event.

Brasil Jazz Fest
(SP and RJ)

The most traditional and important shows of its kind in South America happens in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and features great names of Jazz.


The Jazz Festival of Capão
(Chapada Diamantina, BA)

Well known for the waterfall trails of Cachoeira da Fumaça and Morro do Pai Inácio, Vale do Capão is the landscape of the Jazz Festival of Capão, in the famous and charming Chapada Diamantina. The event usually merges Jazz lovers to various national and local musical attractions in the ecological park of Vale do Capão.

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