Leandro Firmino and Mario Babic are set to star in Rodrigo Rodrigues’s upcoming internationally co-produced Adventure Drama ‘Goitaca’, a movie based on an indigenous tribe who used to live in the Atlantic rainforest during the 16th century.

The film tells the story of two divergent indigenous tribes, the Goitacas and an unknown tribe, which embark on a journey to find new lands to live in peacefully.

Green lighted by Paraty Studios and Barra Filmes, the internationally co-produced Adventure Drama is set for a release in 2017. The film will be directed and produced by Irish Times theatre awards winner Rodrigo Rodrigues who also was the Production Designer of the fim.

The studio announced that Leandro Firmino, known for his role as Lil’ Ze in academy award nominated Box Office Hit ‘City of God’, will take on the Role as Goitaca Chief with Mario Babic portraying the role of Candea in the film. Further cast announcements are Brazilian Movie Icon Lady Francisco, Luciano Szafir and Christianne Oliveira, best known for her role as Chitza in Chocolat alongside Johnny Depp.

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