On the northern coast of Alagoas is the city of Maragogi, second largest tourist center of the State, about 124 km from the capital Maceió. Due to the beauty of its beaches and to its tranquility, Maragogi is a highly sought-after destination in the region. Tourism, the main local activity, was responsible for the structuring of the city without the loss of its original features and traditions, such as artisanal fishing and the manufacturing of bolinho de goma, a local treat made with butter and coconut milk.

The city was originated from a village known as Gamela, which was renamed Isabel in 1887, in reference to the princess who signed the decree which resulted in the abolition of slavery. Five years later, it received its current name, inherited from the main river that runs through the region.

In the city of Maragogi, the natural spaces filled with palm trees stand out, such as the Barra Grande, Peroba, São Bento and Burgalhau beaches. The calm sea of these beaches, turquoise in color, is ideal for contemplative diving, especially in the natural pools formed by coral reefs.

The busiest beach of the city is Praia Central, which is part of the Costa dos Corais Environmental Protection Area. From there, vessels which have as destination the Galés, coral reefs with natural aquariums that gather fish, crustaceans, molluscs and corals of varied species, ideal for observation with the use of a snorkel, depart. The fine sands and the calm and clear waters encourage the leisure and rest of families and groups.

The hotel chain includes numerous inns and the only two resorts in the State outside the capital. In these locations, guests are close to the sea and may have their meals by the beach and enjoy a drink or coconut water at sunset while looking at the sea. An unmissable destination!

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