Author Joan Ramirez talks about her new book, The Writing Rules, a must read for Engineering, Technical, and English as Second Language professionals, looking to improve their written and verbal communications skills:

The Brasilians: Tell us a little about your background.

Joan Ramirez: I live in the New York metropolitan area. I am a published photojournalist, I write business communications articles on-line, and have taught English as a Second Language to students around the globe. I have also published three nonfiction books and am currently crafting a historical suspense set in World War II. I hold three Master degrees in Journalism, ESL, and Special Education (Autism). I have always helped independent entrepreneurs in their quest for their own business ventures, I started JL Regen Enterprises LLC in September of 2020. I have conducted literacy and ESL workshops in Vietnam, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and South Africa.

TB: How did you come up with the idea of writing the book The Write Rules?

JR: I was motivated by a course I taught to in-house staff when I was Manager of Communications for a multibillion-dollar Engineering firm. I’ve always wanted to write a handbook for entrepreneurs. Voila: The Write Rules. Many of my former students also inspired me.

TB: Who will benefit from reading your book?

JR: My book will benefit individuals looking to move up in their present companies and those seeking to learn the nuances of going out on their own from how to make a business plan to crafting media material and giving presentations.

TB: How does your book help professionals to be more successful in their fields?

JR: Professionals will be applying the skill set I describe in my handbook to their chosen fields. It is applicable to all industries, and there is a section on English as a Second Language for foreign-born individuals. The ability to express one-self in clear, concise English is the key to advancement and growth.

TB: Your book offers practical tips in many different areas, including writing and giving speeches or presentations. What is the most important advice for people that want to give successful presentations?

JR: Be focused on the needs of your audience and speak to those needs. Stay on topic.

TB: What is some advice you would give for a Brazilian entrepreneur working in the USA?

JR: I’ve travelled to Brazil. It is a fascinating, magnificent country. However, once a Brazilian entrepreneur comes to the USA they need to ensure that they are able to communicate–verbally and in writing–in understandable and concise English. Knowing your business isn’t enough as you need to convey your message in the States so that your services/products will be understood. I would love to help you in this vital area.

TB: Where can we buy the book?

JR: Any major bookstore or no link:

Journalist & Entrepreneur
Instagram: @ilana_wip



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