Calm, stunning, natural scenery and excellent beaches make up this paradise located in Paranaguá Bay, only 130 km from Curitiba.

Ilha do Mel (Honey Island) is located on the coast of Paraná State, 24 km from the municipality of Paranaguá. The island is home to beautiful beaches that can be visited all year round and the best-preserved stretch of Atlantic Forest in the country.

Vehicles are not allowed on the island, so you will find several sand streets and paths that are perfect for long hikes. The Island also has good infrastructure that includes inns and restaurants.

The beaches on the island will please all types of visitors. Praia da Fortaleza (Fortress Beach) is unspoiled and deserted, for example. Praia das Encantadas (Enchanted Beach), on the other hand, is popular with young people. And Praia Grande (Large Beach), has great waves for surfing.

Only 5,000 visitors can enter the Island at a time, and animals are not allowed.

How to get there

• By Plane: Visitors arriving by plane will land at the São José dos Pinhais Afonso Pena International Airport. From there, they must make their way to Curitiba Bus Station, some 20 minutes away. They can take a bus, a taxi or call a ride-sharing company.

• By Bus: Once visitors get to Curitiba Bus Station from the airport, they will need to take a two-hour bus trip to the municipalities of Pontal do Sul or Paranaguá, where there are boats to the island.

• By Boat: Upon arrival in Pontal do Sul or Paranaguá, visitors must take a boat to get to the island. The sea route is operated by the Boatmen’s Association of Paraná’s North Coast. Getting around

• On Foot: Walking around Ilha do Mel is very enjoyable. Visitors are able to appreciate all the natural beauty while they make their way around the island.

• By Bicycle: Motor vehicles are not permitted on the island, so a great way to get around is to rent a bike.

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